Maximize your Results with ASAP!

In order to maximize your results with ASAP, follow the “Healthy Weight Loss Menu” detailed on the ASAP Program Overview on our website. The ASAP Program Overview has all the detailed instructions to start losing weight immediately. Our clients have experienced effective and rapid weight loss (release of stored fat) when using ASAP and adhering to the specific list of foods on the “Healthy Weight Loss Menu.” We intentionally avoid counting calories and instead recommend the suggested portions to start. If you find yourself hungry or have a more active daily routine, then add an additional half-serving or more of the proteins and vegetables on the menu.

Additionally, when you purchase ASAP as part of the Healthy Body Weight Loss Pak you will have the 90-for-life nutritional products from Youngevity that work synergistically together to promote weight loss, better health and overall wellness. Weigh yourself daily and measure weekly and track your results on the the Weight Release Log and Inches Release Log found on the “Success Tips” tab on our website. Seeing your results will help keep you motivated to follow the 3-week or 6-week ASAP Program.

The closer you follow the “Healthy Weight Loss Menu” the better your results. If you have a bad day, or “cheat” day, simply get back on track to maximize your weight loss results.

See our website for additional info and FAQs.

We look forward to hearing your ASAP Weight Loss Success Story.


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