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Wholesale ASAP Clients
You've just located As Slim As Possible, the most trusted formulation in the market for losing weight. When you have established a wholesale account with LeeMar Enterprises, you are approved to obtain quantity based purchases of ASAP directly from us at the most affordable prices for resale to your customers. While some of our clients are interested in branding their own formulation, using ASAP has its advantages. Reputation and proven effectiveness are imperative and our big question would be, "why change what already works?" Go ahead and call Toll Free (855) 272-7424 to speak with one of our account executives or e-mail us at and we will organize a video or telephone call with you. Get started today and be the reason for hundreds or even thousands of people experiencing a new quality of life.

Health Care Professionals
As Slim As Possible will allow your patients to achieve safe and effective weight-loss through your professional care while creating a new and unlimited profit center in your practice. ASAP is manufactured with premium ingredients under strict FDA guidelines and Good Manufacturing Practices. Call our Toll Free (855) 272-7424 to speak with one of our account executives.

Wholesale Generic/White Label Clients
If your overall company strategy is to expand your brand awareness throughout your already existing clientele, our experts at LeeMar Enterprises are prepared to customize your label using our standard formulation. Your reputation is our priority. With inventory on hand, we are able to provide you with quick turn-around times to help you avoid long waits from your anxious customers. Help us to help you and call our Toll Free (855) 272-7424.

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